Quick Service Restaurant POS Software

The Unavu Quick Service POS System is built from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and focuses specifically on speed, efficiency and security to make your dream a reality. With the ability to process orders faster than any legacy POS system.


Quick service point of sale that speeds up your day

Combos & Modifiers

Boost revenue by adding combos and modifiers to your menu, and prompting employees to upsell. The combo and modifiers are in the more then two items are in a specified combo and modified box.

Custom Menu Building

Create, design, and display your own custom menu. Automatically time menu changes for recurring specials or promotions.

Delivery Management

Take the smarter route to delivery with the right tools, including smart estimations, driver tracking, and customer profiles.The Delivery Management is easy and smart way for business owners to manage their local delivery operation

Employee Management

Manage employee schedules, hours worked, and payroll on a singular platform.They set performance standards for tasks and roles of their employees. They ensure employees have appropriate and realistic schedule of goals.

Product Categorization

Additionally, you can set different rates for dine in, room service, take away and delivery orders. You can even categorize taxes by setting up 4 different tax rates in the system.


Ideal for bars, QSRs and takeaways. Customers can place their orders in kiosks rather than standing in queues or waiting for a waiter. Helps you to run a business with less staff.

Till Management

Auto set up tills or input tills manually, manage finances and view sales reports to match numbers. It has been built to suit all types of restaurants and food outlet place easy and quick orders through product grouping and search options Management.

Track Labor Effortlessly

Unavu saves you time and money by monitoring employee activity automatically. Labor management is made easy with our advanced suite of features, including scheduling, payroll, permission controls and performance analysis.

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Pair your checkout counters with mobile POS and run your business in style

An efficient and productive queue buster

Overall Control of Multi Location Quick Service Restaurant for Chain Stores

One or More stores for using Unavu Quick Service Restaurant POS is ideal for you.