Accurate stocking of drugs for optimal storage & no expiry

Comprehensive Pharma POS that helps reduce prescription bounce, 0% loss due to expiry & enhances customer service


Effortless inventory management & accounting audits

Uninterrupted fast billing

Peak hour sales, festival season crowd needs no extra hands & efforts. Mobile app SellSmart, can help you bill on the move Take payments with ease - cash, card, coupon, gift voucher, part-cash, part-card payment & more. Card swipe integration to bill faster.

Multi Store Management

HeadQuarter (HQ) business management retail POS solution is a web-based, easy-to-use software that allows to monitor branch-wise sales, purchase, Inventory, receivables and profits etc. from a central location. Completely scalable to meet the growing needs of the retailer, clear visibility & enhance control on outlet operations.

Integrated Accounting Features

Single & double entry method, all types of voucher entries such as journal, contra, receipt, payment, etc Flexible user-interface for entering opening balance for customers, suppliers & other ledger accounts.

Purchase & Re-order Features

Fix the profit you would like to get on products during purchase itself. Automatic sales price setting for each item or a category of items irrespective of change in purchase cost with mark-up & mark-down.

Cloud POS

Move to cloud. Shop-data stored safe and transacted on the internet. Scale up your retail and restaurant business with ease.

Multi Billing & Accounts

Ideal for bars, QSRs and takeaways. Customers can place their orders in kiosks rather than standing in queues or waiting for a waiter. Helps you to run a business with less staff.

CRM and Pricing

Group customers, understand their purchase frequency and plan personalized offers. Reward them with loyalty points for every purchase made Put creative ideas into practice. Choose from over 70+ offers and promotion types and keep the store buzzing with excitement .


Use reports and data to make informed decisions on business Shop information/Reports can be accessed from laptops and smartphones as well - WebReporter tool and WhatsNow mobile app come along as free add-on.

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Pair your checkout counters with mobile POS and run your business in style

An efficient and productive queue buster

Complete control on multi-location Pharma and Healthcare stores

Single or Multiple stores, Unavu Pharmacy and Healthcare POS is ideal for you