Micro-segment your unique & trending inventory for changing customer needs

The most important element to define is the needs of your ideal customer to build a business around the things that fit their own tastes and lifestyle.Lifestyle is a way of the process in daily function of the reliable day to day life.


Intelligent BI for product & category wise tracking and to identify non-moving inventory

Analyze Your Path To Purchase

Measure and improve business performance by knowing Top 5 selling items, non selling items and short expiry item.This process is going to purchases of all datas.

Instant Business Notifications

Take complete control on your business with real time alerts on bill edit, zero stock, daily business summary.It is a notified for selling and purchasing of all items sent a message to the owner.

Gifts and Imitation

Matrix inventory, salesman and floor manager commission, assemble different pieces into one kit and sell customized packs, unique barcodes. Improve customer experience with the process of the imitated data.

Pricing And Delivery

Configure floor based pricing, get updates of your takeaways & delivery order status instantly.

Design A Profitable Menu

Get instant reports on best-selling & non-moving dishes. Compare daily sales with WhatsNow mobile app​.

Inventory & Production

Production planning will help to calculate how much inventory of ingredients is required for preparing the food Day-end easy auditing of inventory made simplified with physical inventory methodologies which enables accurate measure of pilferage.

Customer Offers & Loyalty

Monday through Thursday and between 6:30pm and 8pm seeing less crowd? Activate 'Happy hour' offers with discounted pricing and keep your restaurant buzzing Create combo packs, ex: a combo of a burger, choice of drink, fries and dessert and serve them based on customer preferences.

Increase Happy Customers

Retain happy customers & increase your customer loyalty with the real-time feedback app.

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Pair your checkout counters with mobile POS and run your business in style

An efficient and productive queue buster

Complete control on multi-location Lifestyle and Fashion stores

Lifestyle and Fashion

Single or Multiple stores, Unavu Lifestyle and Fashion POS is ideal for you