Express Billing, Prepaid Card and Loyalty Management

If you populate both of these fields, the system uses this information to populate required fields on the Express Billing general page with default values. Manage Recipe, Inventory, Orders & Delivery with Real-time business reports. Credit Card Processing; most of the bigger payment gateways are supported with the possibility. A precise definition of Loyalty Management is:"Aligining all marketing promotional and distribution channels to consistently deliver on the brand's promise to its repeat customers"


Integrate with your mall manager & serve more customers during peak hours

Card Management

A flexible Card Management solution for issuing and acquiring local and international debit and prepaid card for the process of any industry facing card integration and sale tracking hiccups across multiple food courts. Our Food Court POS is perfectly optimized to address complexities and calculations done at food court point of sale systems.

Detail Transaction Reports

Our Food court POS provides extensive reports for all types of food court cards. Food court owners and managers can use the data for analysis and in decision making. The Detailed Account Transactions report can be used as part of your end of year or end of period requirements to identify transactions which have the incorrect.

Online Order Integration

Nowadays, tech-savvy customers, especially young and busy professionals prefer to place order using mobile apps or web services on their internet-enabled devices, from the comfort of their home or workplace.Online order system is simple to use for both low tech and high tech restaurant.

SMS Integration

This tool in our online point of sale for QSRs is developed to integrate the SMS facility for sending order updates, billing details, and maintaining transparency with our customers. SMS integration for billing ans selling details for sent to the owner it is to be in checking for all accounting details.

Cloud Telephony

Our cloud-based POS offers exclusive ‘Cloud Telephony’ service that helps you prevent missing a single delivery/take away order! This service provides missed call support when your phone lines are busy while taking other orders. Cloud telephony refers specifically to voice services and more specifically the replacement of conventional business telephone equipment.

Optimize Home Delivery

How about if you could trace and access the entire delivery module of your food outlet with just a single click. Our Quick Service POS is designed to enable you to do just that. This module also assists in categorizing customers as per their order data and optimizing home delivery orders based on that data.

Design Combo Packs

Design profitable combo packs and map different items to cross-sell slow moving items. The software automates the day to day operations at restaurant like Billing,Combos, Complimentary bill, Loyalty and Reward point modules are comprehensive package designed to provide a sophisticated,

Kitchen Display System

A quick service restaurant or have a huge kitchen to gain tremendous value from kitchen display systems.Know and update the order status from kitchen with Kitchen and Customer Display systems. KDS simplify kitchen communication and processes, increasing kitchen efficiency, reducing errors, and enhancing.

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Overall Control of Multi Location Food Court Chain Stores


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