Integrate your 'multiple' time handling tasks into a unified business process activity with our bakery POS solution. In features covers Such as,Weighing Scale Integration, Multiple Combo Management, Production Planning, Home Delivery and so on.


Unavu Bakery POS smart and easy-to-use POS for bakeries will turn your business into a thriving enterprise

Bakery POS

Manage CRM

CRM is an approach to managing a company's interaction with current and potential customers. Bakery CRM refers to practices, strategies and technologies that used to manage analyze the customer for interactions and data throughout the customers.

Bakery POS

Weighing Scale Integration

Weighing scale are simply integrated in our software to get accurate quantity. We can manage our Cake shop or Bakery without any fear. Today Epos Now, are pleased to announce the release of our innovative Weighing Scale Integration.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS have come to the fore for this purpose. They assist in sending the right amount of information to the right set of public at the right time.We provide fast, personalized, scalable and reliable SMS solution.

Bakery POS

Sales SMS

Our range of restaurant POS solutions ensure we have a solution for everyone,on Food and Beverages; Daily Sales SMS on Owner's number. All sales sms are sent to the owner number.Sales SMS are checking for stock and also sales amount.

Bakery POS

Top Selling Items

Unavu POS tells you exactly which of your items are earning your business money, and which ones to ditch. Best selling items are products from global best selling items suppliers and best selling items factory.

Increase Income

Ideal for bars, QSRs and takeaways. Customers can place their orders in kiosks rather than standing in queues or waiting for a waiter. Helps you to run a business with less staff.

Know Your Margins​

Having too many customers queuing up is a happy problem to have, but it can also cause your customers some pain. We help you remediate this with a simple ticketing system.

Bakery POS

Packing Is Selling

Some delicious inspiring cake&Bakery packaging designs to sell,and if you're in the business of selling bread,cake, or bakery.Standard order taking and billing process of your organisation.

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Pair your checkout counters with mobile POS and run your business in style

An efficient and productive queue buster

Overall Control of Multi Location Bakery Chain Stores

One or More stores for using Unavu Bakery POS is ideal for you